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A while ago I heard someone asking “would you still produce artwork if no-one got to see it?” and I thought no because I like the reaction of showing people my work. Then later I realised that was total rubbish seeing as I have a lot of observational work that tends to stay in my sketchbook.

Here’s some drawing I did when I was at the awards ceremony in Cheltenham (many thanks again to the amazing organisers there):

People based observation I find quite challenging cause people who aren’t life models have this annoying tendency to move. But I think it’s great practice and something I want to continue to work on!

What I’ve found more exciting recently is familiarising myself with the super awesome Pental Brush Pens! My illustrator boyfriend James Albon constantly uses them, so I figured I’d steal it for a bit just for kicks. They’re so sexy…

cat-o'neil-observational-drawing4 I found that working on pretty small drawings I tend to put a stupid amount of detail that no-one with average eyesight will be able to see (I’m clearly just bragging about how awesome my eyesight is, which I will regret when I’m old). Here are some close ups:

cat-o'neil-observational-drawing5cat-o'neil-observational-drawing6I think I’m going to continue with these pens for some more commercial illustration work, so keep checking back!