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Well the past month has been an overloading fizz (sorry, bubbles are on the brain. I’ve had a lot of prosecco based socialising recently…) of Hong Kong preparations, packing up my studio, packing up my flat and exhibiting in the Edinburgh International Book Festival with my short comic The Way We Move. However I did have a couple of days to spare somewhere in the middle of this, which I spent working because apparently I don’t like having free time.

The Skinny contacted me with an article on the ups and downs of couples travelling together, which seemed a strangely well timed coincidence as James Albon and I are less than 2 months away from jetting off. The article mostly carried the message of ‘have fun hating each other’, which was more enjoyable to illustrate than some lovey dovey mush about bonding and whatever. Obviously this won’t happen to us (the hating each other thing, not the mush).

cat-oneil-roughsI sent 4 roughs responding the the general theme of the article. This was the girl doing all the planning and worrying and the guy being a bit more laid back, to her frustration. I generally try to send 3 different ideas. So here it’s the girl spending more time looking at the map than looking around, the guy letting the girl do all the work, and the girl carrying a rather disorganised guys weight. Roughs 1 & 3 are different compositions for the same idea. Personally I liked rough 3, but the art director liked the humour of rough 2 so we decided to merge the two into one image.

catoneil_skinnyHere it is in situ!