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So not quite posting them up every day, but a weekend of birthdays and friends announcing engagements tends to take precedent over blog posting!

Right! The next project is one that was for another competition brief. I don’t usually do competition briefs, but recently there have been a few with interesting subject matter and I figured I could use them for promotion either way. The Legatum Institute publish an annual report called the Prosperity Index; it’s a global report into wealth and wellbeing. It is based on the notion that genuine prosperity is about more than just material wealth (to quote their abstract). The brief asked illustrators to produce an illustration that showed what it is to be genuinely prosperous.

cat-o'neil-prosperityI took it from the idea of people investing time and placing value on an ideal home; creating something for themselves and their family. My parents moved house a lot and I think it was important for them to make each house unique to them, making it their own. As such, I think the exchange of material wealth for wellbeing was based very much in their home environment.