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This was actually the first of the self promo projects that I did this past month; I’d noticed several food publications that use a heck of a lot of illustration, so I wanted to do something really targeted towards them. But I ended up with some illustrations that I really love, so I made them up into a concertina fold out that I could use more generally… I think maybe to send to design agencies as it maybe relevant for restaurants, advertising and could just be interesting visually.

cat-oneil-fish-designI also wanted to have at least one piece that was done in my signature 3D layering, and seeing as it was a chance to experiment I decided to make it really fricking complicated by having 10 layers resting on top of each other. It didn’t actually take too long to do and it looks super awesome, but man that was fiddly!

cat-oneil-fish-design1Cover piece: It’s quite funny going to fish restaurants in the UK because the food you get doesn’t really look like a fish. In HK (or at least in family meals) you have the whole fish with the head and everything on a dish. I think it’s good to be aware of what your food actually is, but it was also just funny as a kid cause fish eyes are weird and it feels odd when you stick your finger in their mouths. I don’t do that now. Obviously.

cat-oneil-fish-design2Internal with Japanese blowfish, aka fugu… I was in Japan a year or so ago and this guy crops up EVERYWHERE! There were a lot of crazy restaurants in Osaka with huge blowfish masots hanging over the entrances, usually wearing aprons and chef hats… I think the irony was somewhat lost on them.

cat-oneil-fish-design1The initial idea was for it to be the inside of a pot being stirred that also looked like a storm or whirlpool. It departed from that, but I like the final image.

cat-oneil-fish-design4So in the concertina fold out this was the last page; you have all these lovely images of fish, and then see them all made into sushi! If I were spending a bit more time on this project I would have done an image of the rice fields as they look really cool. They’re tiered, which would work well in 3D… so maybe later.