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Mmm… tasty, elusive book covers… I don’t do book covers as often as I’d like, so I reckon I’ll do a few mock ups over the coming months. But in the mean time I did one especially for publishers based in Scotland. I’ll be leaving Scotland soon (and the UK!) so I figured I’d make the most of my last few months.

In my Self Promo Whisky Label post I’d mentioned I’d done some observational drawings around Scotland. I quite liked a few, so I turned them into mock book covers which would be relevant for say… a book of rather well known Scottish poetry.

cat-oneil-rober-burnsI think there’s normally an association of lilac, purples, blues and greens with a hint of mist when it comes to Scottish scenery. That’s fair enough, it does actually look like that. But I wanted to do something a bit bolder with the colours, so you would look twice at the actual physicality of the landscape. The problem with generic imagery is that is means nothing to the viewer; it’s cliche so we get the point, but it’s not exactly memorable. I’m hoping this isn’t too much of a departure from traditional Scottish imagery, whilst still being a bit more visually interesting.