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From my experience it is not specific enough to say “I’m going to target editorials in my next promotional piece”. Editorials of what? Politics, economics, science, sports, women’s, men’s, food, health & beauty, music, Debrett’s New Guide to Etiquette & Modern Manners… even within these subcategories there are different styles to consider. An editorial for the New York Times won’t necessarily suit The Week, even though they are both news based publications with a focus on politics.

I like editorial work, so I’ve done a few pieces specific to certain types of publication. This one is aimed towards running magazines, more general sports magazines and women’s magazines.

cat-oneil-running-womanI used to be pretty into running, so I figured I’d make it something interesting for me. I think it’s surprising that events like the Boston Marathon did not allow women to compete until 1972, which is relatively recent. So as an homage to super runner ladies the illustration includes the iconic images of Bobbi Gibb (first woman to run the entire Boston Marathon), Betty Robinson (first track and field female gold medalist in Olympic history) and Wilma Rudolph (the first U.S. woman to win the Olympic sprint double and the first African American woman to win 3 gold medals).