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The fourth and final poetry post!


Between the flower that is gathered and the one that
is given
the inexpressible nothing

This was the shortest Ungaretti poem I was assigned, and I think the most subject to interpretation. I focused on the ‘inexpressible nothing’, which I interpreted as the process of seeing death. Someone picking a flower sees the flower alive and immediately dead after it is picked. The person who receives a flower sees it for its beauty and doesn’t think of the process of it being picked, or of its death. So the difference between the flower that is gathered and the one that is given is the process of seeing it die. So in my illustration the man who is picking flowers sees their approaching deaths which is shown by the clocks attached to their roots. I wanted to relate that to the eventuality of his death, so he also has a flower growing from the back of his heart.

I really enjoyed this project, and I’m looking forwards to seeing the final publication later in the year!