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Over the new year I went on a trip to Ullapool in the Scottish Highlands to enjoy the company of some lovely people (and some amazing musicians, including the drummer of Hot Feet) and pretend I was healthy enough to enjoy exercise. The latter part didn’t really work out; it’s not very convincing when everyone goes hiking and you choose to amble around the local town so you can sit around drawing for hours. Maybe the dexterity of my fingers will rival any mountaineers biceps..? Yeah, I don’t believe it either. Anyways here’s one of my observational drawings!

cat_o'neil_sketchbookIt’s nice to have a chance to just enjoy the process of rendering and mark making, but I think I want to use this one for a more surreal illustration later (I want to draw a giant climbing over the rock face, pulling at the sea like it’s a blanket. I liked the inquisitive nature everyone in the group had for exploring and revisiting locations).