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It’s not that I don’t like Christmas. I love Christmas (or rather I love going home and eating a frankly worrying about of saturated fat without being judged). But the sad fact is that having worked in a card shop for the majority of my time at art school has left me irreversibly traumatised. I associate all Christmas songs with an inordinate amount of stress and boredom (the same goes for The Beatles, which is a shame). It’s classical conditioning and therefore not my fault.

Anyways as a result I really like Christmas cards that are just interesting illustrations cause it means I can stick them on my wall and when I look up I don’t automatically think about how long it is till I have to cash up the tills. So here’s what I’ll be sending around to people this year!

cat-o'neil-winter-illustration(I don’t actually mind doing Christmas illustrations, it’s just the jingles that get to me!)