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Hot off the press!

Eastwing has just published their annual brochure, promoting all the wonderful illustrators in their agency (including yours truly)! Each of us were given a letter and asked to produce illustrations in response.

I was given the letter M, which suited me rather well. One of the (many ongoing..) books I’m reading at the moment is Moby Dick (along with Wild Swans, The Fall, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running… really should read one book at a time instead…) So! It seemed appropriate for me to do a response to that. We were also asked to include some typography, so I embedded an M in Mountains (which is visually my favourite of the 3).

Finally I wanted to produce something a bit more concept driven. A few months ago I went to a wonderful exhibition called Brains: The Mind as Matter in the Wellcome Collection in London. I initially wanted to do something involving the mind (M for Mind.. yeah!) so I read up a bit more on Santiago Ramón y Cajal, one of the pioneers of modern neuroscience. His work involved mapping out several previously undiscovered regions of the brain, so I chose to do a very literal interpretation of Mind Mapping. One of the fascinating things at the Brain exhibition was their huge collection of organs in jars (I realise this won’t appeal to everyone…) So I drew out literal global maps floating in organ jars, labelled with various regions of the brain. By this point though I felt the portrait of Santiago Ramón y Cajal wasn’t quite working so replaced him with a lady scientist. I don’t think it distracts from the original idea as it’s still relevant to the title ‘Mind Mapping’, but I thought it would be nice to explain about Santiago Ramón y Cajal being the genesis of the idea.

Anyways hopefully this will make a good impression on prospective clients!